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The advancement in artificial grass manufacturing procedures creating a smooth un abrasive texture, combined with a more organic natural looking product has largely contributed to artificial grass becoming a popular choice for creating lawn and garden surfaces in north london.
The manufacture of this material now relies on polyolefin monofilaments which are yarn like plastic threads. These prevent any irritation to skin on contact and are family and pet friendly.
I am a passionate gardening enthusiast and lover of all things natural and organic. However there is definitely a place for lawns of this nature in todays modern garden environment.


Artificial Lawn Installation Advantages

Low Maintenance

Only requires occasional sweeping or blowing to remove debris and can be cleaned with water and detergent. We must stress it is not maintenance free and will require cleaning as and when required dependant on the characteristics of the surronding environment.

Grass Growth Problems

Poor natural light and reduced ventilation as a result of surrounding buildings, trees and hedges can stunt organic grass growth and cause patches to develop and weeds to colonize. This materials synthetic composition eliminates all environmental dependencies.


The permeability of a properly selected artificial grass specification in combination with correct sub base construction will subsequently facilitate adequate drainage of all rainfall and other moisture elements to allow you make use of your lawn all year round regardless of the weather.



Laying Artificial Grass in 5 Steps

1 Site Excavation
The first step in laying artificial grass in is to remove the existing turf, aggregate, concrete or paved areas as required. A mixture of skilled manual labor and mechanical turf cutters ensure we get the job done quickly. All excavated material is collected and recycled accordingly.
2 Weed Suppression
Once the excavated surface has been leveled this membrane is spread over the work surface. A strong weed suppressant material is essential to prevent future invasion of weeds through the artificial grass surface. A.H Garden Services use a geotextile membrane which is the strongest  on the market and overlap all joints to ensure no open edges are present.
3 Perimeter Fixings
To ensure the finished surface cannot be lifted at the edges we fit a treated timber batten to all perimeter edgings below ground surface level. This allows us to fix the grass down onto the battens and ensures no movement can occur whilst preventing waves in the surface.
4 Sub Base Selection
The correct sub base materials and their subsequent installation will determine the quality, appearance and durability of your finished artificial lawn. All of our installations use a combination of type 1 crushed stone compacted with a sharp sand screed spread compacted once again. These combined facilitate adequate drainage and provide the ideal surface finish for installation.
5 Installation
Once steps 1 - 4 have been carried out correctly we are ready to install the grass. We always leave the grass rolls opened out for a minimum of 3 hours prior to laying. This ensures any creases which have developed from the roll have had time to dissipate. The material is laid on on the works surface, cut and fixed to the the timber edgings and taped and jointed using bonding strips and adhesive.


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