Lawn Turfing Company North London

Giving our clients informed data achieving the best results.

Laying turf for the cultivation of a new grass lawn will provide a quick solution for achieving beauty within your existing garden environment.

A.H Garden Services will provide an assessment and recommendation best suited to your gardens characteristic to ensure the turf in north London installation we provide always look at its best.

City and urban gardens in North London often suffer from light deprivation, poor drainage, insufficient ventilation and inadequate soil mineral levels. Any of these elements alone will affect the growth of a newly cultivated lawn.

A.H Garden Services will assess all of these individual elements, and make the necessary adjustments where possible to ensure your lawn grows as it should.

We don't just lay turf, we create an environment for your turf to thrive and grow to its maximum potential.

A.H Garden Services Turfing
Were fussy about Lawns!!

  1. Environmental assesment including soil test.
  2. Vegetation removal and weed eradication.
  3. Lawn drainage systems.
  4. Extensive rotovation of existing sub - soil.
  5. Application of new topsoil.
  6. Addition of pre turf fertilizer.
  7. Leveling and compassionate compaction of topsoil.
  8. Turf laying and completion.
Garden turfing services north london

Garden Turfing Company North London

Creating natural green spaces full of life and enjoyment.  

A.H Garden Services are a professional laying turf and lawn installation company situated in Muswell Hill North London. We provide all of the landscaping work elements and materials necessary to provide you with a beautiful turf lawn to enjoy.

Laying turf in your garden provides a quick solution for creating a lawn surface allowing you use your garden within a week following the turfing works being carried out.

Our range of lawn services include the supply and installation of:

  • Grass Turf Rolls
  • Shade Resistant Turf Rolls
  • Wildflower Turf
  • Topsoil Installation
  • Ground Treatment "Pre Turf Installation"
  • Lawn Irrigation
  • Lawn Drainage Installation (French Drain & Soakwaway)

All A.H Garden Services employees are trained and experienced concerning correct ground preparation practices, irrigation installation and turf laying to ensure each element of your project is carried out to the best workmanship standards achievable. Our company has delivered a range of stunning, healthy turfed lawns for countless customers to date. Talk to Aidan today with any questions you may have concerning the lawn works you require.

Garden turfing highgate north london

Garden Turfing, Highgate, North London

Lawn Turfing in Queens Park, North West London

Lawn Turfing, Queens Park, North London

Talk to a member of the team today

Please get in contact with a member of the team at A.H Garden Services today to discuss any questions you have concerning your furure project or speak with me directly on mobile 07588 12 11 55.

You will find all of our details on our CONTACT PAGE where you can also upload project information for us to review and give you the best advice as possible for your project.

Aidan Howley
B.S.c Hons
A.H Garden Services


Free phone: 0800 001 6335

mobile: 07588 121 155



A.H Garden Services, Suite 106,
394 Muswell Hill Broadway,
Muswell Hill,
N10 1DJ

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